Juin, 2018

04juinalldayNBC 201810TH Symposium on CBRNe threats


The NBC 2018 symposium on CBRNE threats will take place in the Lappia Hall in Rovaniemi, Finland on June 4 – 7, 2018. The city of Rovaniemi is situated on the Arctic Circle, which means that there will be daylight around the clock.

DEC’POL® (new emergency decontamination mitt): Decontamination and neutralization performance overview on real agents, Boban Cekovic, Carole Dougnac, Thierry Pollet, Ludovic Ouvry, Ljubisa Sutulovic, Karel Mazanec, Miroslav Skoumal (France, Netherlands, Czech Republic)

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Juin 4 (Lundi) - 7 (Jeudi)

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