Tychem® 6000F

Ref : 545002BA

Category III PPE impermeable, provides protection type 3-B, 4, 5 and 6.
The Tychem® 6000 F suit protects personnel from a large number of chemical and biological hazards: TICs, highly concentrated inorganic chemicals (even pressurised), particles, biological agents and some CWAs.

The Tychem® 6000 F suit can also be used in industry (chemical spill clean-up, petro-chemistry…), healthcare (first aid), or military.

Mechanical features
Abrasion resistanceClasse 6/6EN 530
Bending resistanceClasse 1/6EN ISO 7854 – Method B
Trapezoidal tear resistanceClasse 2/6EN ISO 9073-4


FlammabilityCompliantEN 13274-4
Traction resistanceClass 3/6DIN EN ISO


Perforation resistanceClass 2/6EN 863
Bursting resistance610 kPaISO 2758
Seams resistanceClass 4/6EN ISO 13935-2
Protection from liquids and aerosols
Type 3 (liquid projections)CompliantEN 17491-3
Type 4 (high intensity spraying)CompliantEN ISO 17491-4 Method B
Type 5 (penetration of aerosol particules)CompliantEN ISO 13982-2
Type 6 (low intensity spraying)CompliantEN ISO 17491-4 Method A
Chemical protection
H2SO4 30%, NaOH 10%, O-xylène, butane-1-olClass 3/3EN ISO 6530
Methanol, Chlorobenzene liquid> 8 hoursEN ISO 6529 Method A
Biological protection
Blood penetration resistanceClass 6/6 EN ISO 16603
Blood-borne pathogens penetration resistanceClass 6/6EN ISO 16604 – Procedure D
Contaminated liquid penetration resistanceClass 6/6EN ISO 22610
Contaminated biological aerosols penetration resistanceClass 3/3EN ISO 22611
Contaminated solid particles penetration resistanceClass 3/3EN ISO 22612

Impermeable suit with included hood:

  • Protection against grave or deadly hazards (category III)
  • Hermetic suit to liquids (type 3), mists (type 4), protective against solid particles of chemicals (type 5), protective against accidental exposure to splashes (type 6)
  • Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-5) inside
  • Protection against radioactive contamination (EN 1073-2)
  • Barrier against infective agents (EN 14126)
  • Over-taped seams with sealed straps, wich provides similar protection with the rest of the garment’s material
  • Attached undergloves and dissipative socks for an optimised interfacial management
  • Double zipper with double flap, adhesive tape on external flap for more impermeability and safety

• Color : grey
• Weight : < 1 kg
• Thickness : 210 µm
• Shelf life : 10 years
• Single use

Sizes :

Chest size (cm)84-9292-100100-108108-116116-124124-132
Height (cm)162-170168-176174-182180-188186-194192-200