Sim KIT – H, V and G simulants

Ref : 310000AC

The SIM KIT® introduces new generation of realistic chemical simulants for the nerve agents sarin (GB) and VX, and the blister agent sulphur mustard (HD). The simulants are specifically developed to simulate environmental behaviour of corresponding chemical warfare agents (CWA) in respect to the appearance and detection response. The SIM-KIT ® works with equipment and detection systems in the following categories: Detector paper PDF1, CALID 3, Anachemia, flame or ion mobility spectrometers, detection, warning and identification devices AP2C, AP4C, LCD3 .3, …

The simulants are also fluorescent, and are therefore detectable thanks to the UV lamp supplied in the kit.

The SIM KIT® simulants are easy to use, safe for user and environment, and biodegradable.