Sim KIT – H, V and G simulants

Ref : 310000AB

The SIM KIT® introduces new generation of realistic chemical simulants for the nerve agents sarin (GB) and VX, and the blister agent sulphur mustard (HD). The simulants are specifically developed to simulate environmental behaviour of corresponding chemical warfare agents (CWA) in respect to the appearance and detection response. The SIM-KIT ® works with equipment and detection systems in the following categories: Detector paper PDF1, CALID 3, Anachemia, flame or ion mobility spectrometers, detection, warning and identification devices AP2C, AP4C, LCD3 .3, …

The simulants are also fluorescent, and are therefore detectable thanks to the UV lamp supplied in the kit.

The SIM KIT® simulants are easy to use, safe for user and environment, and biodegradable.


HD-SIM: methyl salicylate: Yellowish liquid, oily appearance, spreads rapidly or produces droplets on the surface. Not soluble and denser than water. HD profile characteristic on field detectors. Persistence equivalent to HD agent. Low volatility at 20 ° C. Red to detector paper. Contains a fluorescent tracer visible under UV lamp.

VX-SIM: polypropylene glycol monobutyl ether: viscous yellow to brown oil spreading rapidly on the surface. Not soluble in water. Profile V on field detectors. Very persistent. Very low volatility at 20 ° C. Green paper detector. Contains a fluorescent tracer visible under UV lamp.

GB-SIM: Dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether: Colorless liquid that spreads rapidly on surfaces. Characteristic profile on field detectors. Persistence expressed in hours comparable to GB. Very high volatility at 20 ° C. Yellow to paper detector. Contains a fluorescent tracer visible under UV lamp.



1.     CWA Simulant Field Kit case

2.     USB stick with CWA Simulant Kit documentation

3.     3 x AAA batteries for UV-flashlight

4.     6 x brush applicators , dry wipes and a dropper removal key

5.     4 x 20 ml bottles HD simulant

6.     4 x 20 ml bottles GB simulant

7.     4 x 20 ml bottles VX simulant

8.     Transport case for the CWA Simulants Kit





1.     UV-flashlight

2.     20 ml bottle VX simulant

3.     20 ml bottle HD simulant

4.     20 ml bottle GB simulant


The SDS (safety data sheets) and the safety instructions are delivered on a USB key attached to the simulation kit.
The assembly is packaged in a shockproof and waterproof case equipped with a pressure relief valve.
Dimensions of the enclosure: H 5.5 x W 20.5 x D 13 cm

  • Prior to using the simulants the users should familiarise themselves with the information provided in the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and “Safety Instructions for use of CWA Simulants”.
  • It is not advisable to spray the simulants on any surface; contamination of surfaces should be via the use of a dropper, brush applicator, or similar method.
  • It is recommended to handle the simulants wearing light vinyl or nitrile gloves and protective laboratory/chemical safety glasses as standard practice.
  • If contact with the skin occurs, remove simulant from the skin with absorbent paper, then thorough wash with cold water and soap; If there is any adverse reaction to the chemical, seek medical advice.
  • The simulants can be removed from surfaces by washing with water and soap or detergent liquids. Decontamination using standard CWA decontamination solutions and powders is also effective.

SIM KIT® simulants are conveniently delivered in 20 ml bottles, with the field transport box and two user-selectable applicator options. The dropper removal key is included in the kit to facilitate replacement of the vertical dropper insert for the brush applicator.

The special bottle closure dispenser allows user to apply the simulants dropwise in equal drop volumes:

  • Turn the bottle at 180° (upside down) and hold in the vertical position;
  • The drop is formed in the centre spout of the dropper;
  • Count the drops to apply required dosage.

The cap with brush allows precise application of the simulants as a thin layer over a surface or in hidden spaces:

  • Retrieve the dropper insert from inside the SIM bottle neck using the dropper removal key;
  • Close the bottle with the brush applicator cap;
  • Press the brush against the bottle’s neck to drain excess liquid before the use;
  • Gently push the brush toward the surface for application;
  • Please note that surface particles, liquids, etc. can be transferred from the brush into the bottle and result in contamination of the content.
  • Use the wipes provided to clean the brush applicator before placing it back into the bottle.

SIM KIT® simulants contain a fluorescent tracer – the additive that emits visible light when irradiated by the UV lamp supplied. This enables fast safety distinction between the simulant and corresponding authentic CWA, as both produce the same response on the detection technologies. Fluorescent tracer also enables simulants use in training scenarios focused on cross-contamination and contamination control.