RSDL® Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion

Ref : 612000AA

The RSDL ®  is the only lotion that removes and neutralizes all warfare chemical  agents  in  less  than  2  minutes:  GA  (Tabun),  GB  (Sarin),  GD (Soman),  GF  (Cyclohexyl  Sarin),  VX  (Neurotoxic),  HD  (Mustard  gas), T-2 Toxin.

Advantages :

Unlike water or powder-based technologies that can accidentally spread or spread the toxicant, RSDL® neutralizes these agents on the skin. No inhalation of particles of powders that could contain toxic.

Late treatment of an already contaminated skin.

  • Decontamination of CBRN agents : < 2 min
  • Solution per packet : 42 ml
  • Surface treatment capacity : 10 x 10 cm
Storage : Between +10°C /+30°C
Shelf life guarantee in its original bag : 5 years
Use the product immediately after opening the packet
Packaged in cartons of 50 x 42 ml packets
Also sold individually in 42 ml packet: (ref : 612000AB)
500 ml bottle available: (ref : 612002AA)
The RSDL is also available in training version.

Tested and approved by:

  • French Civil Security
  • Demining services French
  • Operators specialized in environmental remediation
  • Center of Studies of the Bouchet (DGA Maîtrise NRBC)
  • Departmental fire and rescue services
  • US Army (validated by the Food & Drug Administration)


  1. Identify area of contamination.
  2. Apply lotion to the skin.
  3. Neutralization of chemical agents in less than 2 minutes.
  4. Rince (if possible).

Can be used to decontaminate metallic surfaces.

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