Evacuation bag

Ref : 593002AA

The evacuation bag enables the transportation of contaminated casualties. It was designed to avoid the spreading of the contamination and provide a pre-decontamination of the body during the transportation. It can also be used for patients evacuation because minimal access to the body (the arm) is possible.

The bag is composed of an impermeable, hermetic, adapted to CBRN environments and mechanically resistant material. Inside, an ultra-absorbent material with embedded catalysts provide body decontamination can absorb up to 8 litres of contaminants (STANAG 4653).

On the front part, there is a hermetic zipper to place the victim. The butyl collar is designed to have optimal interfaces management with an Escape hood NH15 and is adjustable with a tightening tab. It is possible to put one arm of the victim out through a hole on the side. A butyl ring is adjusted around the arm to keep the bag’s impermeability. When the arm is inside, the hole is closed by a hermetic zipper.

The bag is light and ultra-compact. It is also quick and easy to implement. 10 handles (on each side, at the top and at the bottom) facilitate transport. There are 3 straps inside to secure the body.

Mechanical (outward material)


Thickness 470 microns EN 964
Breaking resistance 150 N warp / 90 N warp EN 13934-1
Tearing resistance 75 N warp / 50 N warp EN 9073-4
Perforation resistance 10 N EN 836
Protection (outward material)

Chemical resistance


In liquid and aerosol form


Sodium hydroxide

8h EN 374
Viral penetration Class 6/6 ISO 16604
Blood penetration Class 6/6 ISO 16603
Absorption capacity (inward material) > 600 % NF T 90-361
Surface decontamination (inward material) HD  > 99%

VX  > 99%

GD  > 99%

Biological agents

NATO Standard



PR NF X 52-123

Destruction (inward material)
Destruction of chemical agents Tested on HD, VX and GD  
Destruction of biological agents
  • 10 handles for easy transport: 3 on each side, 2 at the head and 2 at the feet
  • 3 adaptable straps inside to secure the body
  • Outward material is multi-layered, hermetic and mechanically resistant to heavy loads with no tearing risks
  • Inward material is ultra-absorbent and contains catalysts that targetchemical and biological agents
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Secured and fast opening system: hermetic zip with double slider
  • Head of the casualty out of the bag
  • Butyl collar to optimize interface management with an Escape hood NH15
  • Possibility to put one arm of the victim out of the bag
  • Butyl ring around the arm to keep impermeability
  • Foldable product with small bulk during storage or transport
  • Low upkeep, few consumables
  • Disposable bag, decontamination impossible


  • Dimensions when unfolded : W 200 x l 100 cm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg
  • Dimensions in its package: W 50 x l 50 x h 20 cm
  • Warranty in original package: 5 years

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