Escape hood NH15

Ref : 101000AA

The NH15 is the most compact and lightweight emergency CBRN protection hood on the market, and the only truly effective H2S tale.

It is intended for all personnel working in emergency situations, especially first responders, and provides optimal respiratory, eye and facial protection against CBRN agents and industrial chemicals (TICS).

CE-certified, the NH15 is compatible with any type of garment, as well as wearing glasses beard, and long hair. It can be set up without any training in just 20 seconds. In order to avoid any sensation of confinement and for the wearer to be easily recognized, the hood is completely transparent and is equipped with a system allowing a view without distortions. Fully transparent, it allows the wearer to see and be seen. The NH15 hood requires no maintenance or battery.

The filtering elements protect the gases and vapors (H2S, Ammonia, SO2, HCN, Phosgene, etc.) and chemical warfare agents (HD, GB, etc.)

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