Emergency decontamination mitt DECPOL®

Ref : 600003AA

NSN : 8415145908006

DECPOL® is an emergency decontamination mitt composed of a hyperabsorbent material, in which are inserted catalysts targeted against chemical and biological toxicants. The DECPOL® glove has absorption properties for a wide spectrum of contaminants, followed by the destruction of contaminants. It is non-pulverulent and thus avoids the risk of cross contamination.

It is usable on any type of surfaces and equipment. The decontaminable surface with a DECPOL® glove is 9m².

DECPOL® is therefore a simple, rapid and effective solution in case of chemical or biological contamination, while avoiding cross contamination.

The mitt was developped and is produced by Ouvry in Lyon.

Transfer :
Material’s absorption capacity > 600% of its weight NF T 90-361
Decontaminable surface 9m²
Decontaminable volume 140 mL
Decontamination factor by transfer: > 99% of the toxicant deposited on a surface NF X52-123


Destruction :
 Destruction of chemical agents (G, V, H) absorbed AEP 58
Destruction of biological agents (E.coli, Y.enterocolitica, P.aeruginosa, S.aureus, spores de B.subtilis) AEP 58

     1. Absorption by capillarity:

Fast transfer of contaminants within microfibers. The contaminants will then diffuse throughout the thickness of the hyperabsorbent material, allowing an optimal contact with the catalysts already present in the material.

     2. Destruction of chemical and biological contaminants:

Catalysts are distributed homogeneously throughout the thickness of the hyperabsorbent material. They will thus enable decontamination of the chemical agents, and disinfection of the biological agents.
Degradation by-products are not toxic.
     3. Non-aerosolization:

Its physical design makes it possible to optimize its efficiency and prevents any release of toxic. DECPOL® therefore avoids the risks of cross contamination by limiting the release of powder and powder inhalation that may contain toxic substances.

  • AEP 58
  • AEP 7
  • NF X52 123
  • NF X52 122
  • NF T 90-361

Apply firmly to the surface for 1 second, then wipe twice.

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