DESDEC® Solutions DF200 R2D2/R2D4

Ref : 600000AA

DF200 R2D4: Detergent, disinfectant, deodorizer and decontaminating formulation. Active on chemical and biological agents.


Decontamination of infrastructures, laboratories, emergency vehicles, transport vehicles, sensitive equipment, …

Can be applied by any aerosol dispenser system, spray, foam {nebulizer DESDEC® … ). Nontoxic and biodegradable, DESDEC® does not impact the environment.

DESDEC® is active regardless of the material on which is located the contaminant. Noncorrosive, it can be used on sensitive materials such as electronic equipment or weapons.

DESDEC DF200 R2D4® can be applied in 3 different ways. We recommend :

Application methods: Liquid sprayer Foamer Nebulizer
Type of contamination : Treatment of heavily contaminated areas


Vertical walls


Decontamination of a confined room for low vapor or aerosol contamination


Advantages :

  • Versatility on chemical agents and biological agents
  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Multiple vectorization by aerosol, spray, foam …
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly
  • Absence of chlorine
  • Minimized transport logistics
  • Civil and / or military uses

3 components formulation:

  • Part A: alkaline surfactants enhanced chemical agents solubilisation and increased reactivity
  • Part B: Hp2 low concentration oxidant
  • Part C: Activator

The DESDEC R2D4 solution is prepared by mixing the 3 drums part A, part B and part C in the proportions described in the user manual according to the total volume required. The mixture thus prepared is active after 5 minutes and remains usable for 8 hours.

3 bidons DESDEC

Kits of 3 cans:

  • Parties A and B: 9.5 liters per unit
  • Part C: 0.4 liter flasks

Weight: 21.8 kg

Height / length / Width :

406 mm / 368 mm / 254 mm


Futs DESDECFuts:

  • Parties A and B: 208 liters per unit
  • Partie C: 7.6 liter can

Weight of each drum: 226.8 kg

Height: 889mm / Diameter: 584mm



Certificate CE-3766
Transport: Non-explosive and non-flammable, no stress and extra costs.
Due to their low concentration, none of the 3 components is classified as hazardous under any mode of transport under the IATA and DOT Regulations.
  • Tested by the STAT (Technical Section of the Army)
  • RATP

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