DESDEC® Nebulizer

Ref : 622000AA

This automated nebulizer is used in combination with DESDEC R2D4®.

It allows disinfection, deodorization or decontamination of a confined room. The aerosol of DESDEC R2D4 saturates the volume of the space to be treated and guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the treatment on all surfaces, even the most inaccessible. The size of the droplets makes it possible to “not wet” optimizing the time of treatment and reuse of the premises.

  • Maximum volume to be treated : 100m3
  • Consumption: 1200 mL/h
  • Fog density complies with NF T22-281 : 8mL/m3
  • Maximum autonomy : 250m3
  • Tank capacity : 2L
  • Self-extinguishing structure: UL certified
  • Carrying handle
  • Fogging time programming with automatic stop.
  • Deferred start of 1 minute permitting the operator removal
  • Dimensions : L 34.5cm x l 32.5 cm x h 34.5 cm

Weight-Empty: 9 kg

  • NF T72-281
  • Tested by the STAT (Technical Section of the Army)
  • RATP

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