CBRN patient transport stretcher

Ref : 593003AA-U Bubble with blower and filter canisters

Ref  : 593003AB-U : Bubble without blower and filter canisters

The isolation bubble for transport of the contaminated patients was specially designed for transport of CBRN contaminated casualty into zone of medicalization, while allowing the realisation of emergency medical procedures.

This systeme guarantees the containment of contaminants, to avoid contamaination of medical team and transport personnel vehicle or aircraft used to extract the victim.

Built from the mechanically resistant and CBRN agents tight, the bubble fort transport of contaminated patients was designed for fast deployment and assembles easily once out of it’s packaging.

  • Positive-pressure :
    • Valve RD40 for blower fastening.
    • Valve RD40 for filter canister fastening (to filter the outgoing air)
  • Clasp locker closure with adhesive sealing tape.
  • Mechanically resistant and CBRN agents tight materials : 180 g/m²
  • Time of protection HD > 24h
  • 6 gloves and medical access tunnels with clamp
  • Pathway for oxygen tubes (blue) and IV (orange).
  • Clear upper side : good observation of patient.
  • Clear pocket for materials and documents.
  • Systeme for support and protection of the patient’s head.
  • 8 handles allocated on each side.
  • Velcro to fixe the blower at the isolation bubble for transport of patient.
  • Compatible with blowers with scew thread RD40.
  • Weight : < 3 kg (without blower)
  • Dimensions : L 210 x W 60 x H 30 cm
  • Dimensions of packaging : L 45 x W 45 x H 16 cm
  • Shelf life in its original bag : 10 years
  • Work with bi-filter blower and one filter canister for the outgoing air.