Civil defense & First Responders
CBRN systems adapted to the needs and requirements of first responders.


Systems and solutions dedicated to the rescue and health services personnel:

  • SAMU / SMUR emergency medical services and staff involved in the event
  • Personnel based in hospitals in the event of mass contaminated casualty influx

Our solutions are recommended in the CBRNe Schedule of the French White Plan, strictly in accordance with EPRUS sheet 3, 6, 7.

Referenced within the RESAH contract (hospital buyers network), most of our CBRNe protective and decontamination equipment are also available in APHP, HCL, HPHM and hundreds of healthcare facilities.

Fire fighters

A concept dedicated to civil protection personnel that provides 24-hour protection against vapor risks. CBRNe O'CPU® undergarment was designed to fit underneath firefighters' regular uniforms, and over or instead of usual underwear. It provides optimum thermoregulation and operational capability. It can also be worn under a CBRNe outfit to provide additional protection against vapors or under a type 1 chemical suit in case of leakage. Whole-system tests ensure the perfect integration of the subsystems (interfaces management).

Compliant with Circular 700

Law enforcement

A concept dedicated to shorter missions that do not exceed 12 hours in contaminated environment, such as zoning, Casualty Collection Point, exclusion zone boundary setting. Labelled by OSEO Innovation, Polycombi® grants broad spectrum protection against chemical agents in liquid, vapor or aerosol form, radioactive particles, chemical splashes and bio-contaminated aerosols, and dry microbial penetration.

A concept dedicated to law enforcement for short missions that do not exceed 12 hours in contaminated environment. (Personnel in the support zone + personnel in the intervention zone)

Broad spectrum protection and CE certification:

  • against chemical warfare agents in liquid, vapor or aerosol form
  • against radioactive particles (EN 1073-2) type 5
  • against splashes of type chemical spray type 4 (EN 13982-1)
  • against bio-contaminated aerosols and dry microbial penetration (according to EN 14126).

Whole-system tests ensure a perfect integration of the subsystems (interfaces management) with different masks of the market.

The Polycombi® system and Target® gloves were adopted by all the National Police and the Gendarmerie for the UEFA EURO 2016. It considerably reduces the number of personnel shifts and facilitates crisis management response.

Intervention units such as GIGN, BRI, RAID are equipped with our body, respiratory and decontamination solutions, together with the bestseller TFI®.

Compliant with Circular 700/800, CBRNe Schedule of the White Plan,

Note on reduction of rotation and shifts.

Training version - washable 50 times

Fast distribution - reduced logistic burden.

Critical infrastructures

Air permeable and physiologically tolerant CBRN personal protection equipements, incorporating the latest technological advances in CBRN protective materials, high-tech interfacing solutions for an increased protection factor.

CBRN EZAIR compact blower, head reinforcement, ST53 respiratory protection, latest-generation masks are proposed, based on the experience of OUVRY SAS with the Special Forces.

The security personnel of the french major transport operators (RATP, and SNCF) have retained this innovative solution. The CBRN teams of major companies in the field of energy, pharmacy or industry have also adopted this type of CBRN protection systems.

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