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The company OUVRY weaves its CBRNe fabrics in the Vaise district – Lyon (France), in the former spinning mills of Rhodiacéta, exactly where cellulose triacetate used to be produced. By focusing on innovation, deep understanding of the needs of its customers and worldwide development, it contributes to the rebirth of this industrial district.

OUVRY specializes in CBRNe personal protective systems, also known as CBRNe (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical and Explosive). Among the two CBRN personal protection concepts, impermeable concepts (plastic airtight materials) or air permeable concepts (air permeable filter textiles), OUVRY has chosen the CBRNe air permeable protection solutions.

Unlike plastic solutions, air permeable textiles allow air exchange and water vapor transfer. Our CBRN equipment consequently drastically increase the end users’ physiological tolerance and bring improved robustness and protection. Ouvry can provide the best solutions to any specific request, drawing upon our excellent response capability (high production capacities, industrial risks management, strict technical requirements, etc), all stemming from our industrial chain, which is mainly French.

Our mission: define with our customers the CBRNe protective system best suited to their missions and environments. OUVRY has today developed a large wardrobe of extreme against military and civil CBRNe risks. An industry version is available for operators operating in a chemically hostile environment (carcinogenic, toxic ...). OUVRY is a founding member of the Defense Cluster EDEN (European Defense Economic Networks), member of the GICAT and the SAFECLUSTER competitiveness cluster (Security and Aerospace Actors for the Future of Earth). It is a partner of the French Society of Disaster Medicine (SFMC) and of the European Institute CBRNe of Charleroi.

Ludovic Ouvry

Textile engineer, with a specialty in chemistry, it’s a first experience in the manufacturing of technical textiles for the space industry, which convinced Ludovic OUVRY to get into CBRN personal protective equipment based on high tech textiles.

Geographic location

Situation geo - Lyon

Head office is located in Lyon (France), a major industrial and technological center whose history is strongly marked by textiles and chemistry, particularly in the Vaise district, in the former spinning mills of Rhodiacéta.

We are at the heart of a true industrial and technological ecosystem: weavers, finishers and suppliers of chemical products, garment manufacturers, technical centres and laboratories, research centres...).

Our skills

Our engineering team is exceptionally well qualified and highly experienced in the fields of technical textiles and respiratory protection, materials selection, chemistry, and physiological factors. We are extremely conversant with the operational needs of our customers. With more than 10 years of R&D activities, the development of numerous "concept-cars", and exchanges with operators from diverse backgrounds, OUVRY has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the operational requirements and employment approaches of its customers.

We design our own models for our military customers, law enforcement, gendarmes, Civil Defense and emergency personnel (firefighters, SAMU, CHU, critical infrastructures ...) as part of armament programmes or interministerial plans (Circulars 700 and 800, White Plan ...). We also offer innovative solutions for all industry operators who work in a chemically hostile environment.

Ouvry can provide the best solutions to any type of request, drawing upon our excellent response capability, industrial partners, and the MFE® filter technology.

OUVRY controls the entire Supply Chain: design, development, production monitoring, quality control, logistics and after-sales service.

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Research & development

In order to propose permanent innovations, the OUVRY company invests in various research programs. It participates in several European R&D projects around CBRNe issues.

In order to permanently innovate, Ouvry invests in various R&D activities and programs, and European R&D projects in the field of its core business, CBRN PPEs and decontamination.

JIP-FP - Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection

OUVRY was awarded the EDIDARM project, the first major “force protection” programme of the European Defense Agency

Nano MOF - Nanoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks for production

New materials project for applications, among others, in the field of CBRNe protection - 7th R & D Framework Program.


Multispectral self-decontaminating protective materials under natural visible / solar or artificial UV-A illumination. The project SELDEC proposes to develop new materials for the outfits of the practitioners operating on theaters of chemical and terrorist attacks. SELDEC focuses on a technological brick: functionalized textiles with photocatalytic materials, capable of self-decontaminating under natural visible / solar and artificial UV-A illumination.

The research focuses on the surface functionalization that will be brought about by nanoparticle deposits based on modified titanium dioxide (TiO2), directly activable under visible / solar illumination. These photocatalysts will degrade chemical and biological substances by photocatalysis.

The overall objective is to provide an ergonomic, self-decontaminating CBRNe personal system that protects against a broader threat spectrum. This will enhance the workers’ safety by avoiding contamination transfers (cross contamination) and secondary contamination (during doffing).

Project initiated within the framework of the CSOSG 2009 program of the National Research Agency

Partenaires :

  • OUVRY SAS (integrator and coordinator)
  • LPMT (Textile Physics and Mechanics Laboratory, Mulhouse, France)
  • LMSPC (Laboratory for materials, surfaces and processes for catalysis, Strasbourg, France)
  • SDIS 91 (Department of Fire and Rescue of Essonne)

Intellectual property


Ouvry SAS develops ergonomic, physiologically tolerant equipment for a quick, simple and operational response. In particular, the extended wear time reduces the rotations and shifts, which are both risky and resources consuming.

In addition, Ouvry owns other licenses on technological bricks integrated in its fire-retardant equipment or for trauma protection.


In just a few months, Polycombi® became the CBRNe PPE ultimate reference for first responders, perfectly in line with EPRUS recommendations. It also ensures biological protection according to EN 14126 and can be a very good solution for protection against EBOLA in hot climates or for interventions over long periods of time. TFI®, CBRNe suit for intervention forces.

DECPOL ABS®, solution for immediate chemical and biological decontamination. It substitutes the traditional powdering glove.

Our air permeable technologies

Air permeable CBRNe technologies allow sweat evacuation and capture of warfare toxics in the filtering layer, unlike Isolating technologies, completely impermeable to air.

OUVRY SAS has designed and developed several filter media, like the MFE® family with whom it has partnered exclusively since 2003, based on activated carbon microspheres technology, or adsorbent materials of the latest generation. There are over 150 references of MFE® filter media dedicated to CBRNe personal protection.

The OUVRY media offer an optimum compromise between protection / comfort and durability.

We are committed to offering solutions that bring:

  • High CBRNe protection 
  • Increased physiological tolerance and ergonomics
  • Maximum durability of CBRNe protection 

The design of the equipment, the robustness of the materials used and the ergonomics of the equipment allow us to propose safe, physiologically tolerant and robust solutions.

OUVRY SAS specializes in CBRNe filtering concepts and offers a wide range of air permeable equipment adapted to the missions, risks and environments of its customers. Impermeable concepts remain essential for reconnaissance missions and to make necessary verifications.



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Exporting countries
Our partners

Cercle de l'Arbalète

Promoting the spirit of innovation of special forces and companies

Continue to reflect on the technical challenges of future special operations. Provide unique opportunities for meeting field operators and industrialists, and contribute to the development and development of materials Cercle de l'arbalète Website

Internationnal CBRNE Institute

ICI's objective is to mitigate CBRNe risks at the regional, national and international levels.

As one of the sources of independent expertise of the CBRNe, ICI Knowledge Centers are intended to promote best practices, standards and innovations in CBRNe ICI Website

Safe Cluster


Anticipate challenges in our markets, support the development of innovative solutions and create shared value. Safe Cluster Website

European Defense Economics Network

National Federation of SMEs in Defense and Security

OUVRY SAS is one of the founding members of the EDEN cluster, offering its members more visibility, enhancing their know-how and improving their competitive position in the French and international markets. EDEN Cluster Website

Société Française de Médecine de Catastrophe

Promotion and coordination of the concept of disaster medicine, collective emergencies and the protection and prevention of the civilian population

Participate in the definition of programs for initial education in disaster medicine and continuing education. Encourage and encourage research on the problems of emergency relief and the care of mass victims and protection of populations. SFMC Website

Nuclear Valley

The nuclear industry cluster

Nuclear Valley originated in the joint decision of the industrialists and public bodies present in Burgundy (historical centre of boiler making and sheet metal work for the French nuclear industry) to create a coordinating body. Nuclear Valley Website


Official distributor of company OUVRY in Kazakhstan

Alfa Trust is one of the biggest sales companies in Kazakhstan who proposes to local clients a wide range of CBRNe personal protective equipment from OUVRY and other solutions of CBRNe detection, protection and decontamination from famous manufactures. Alfa Trust is our exclusive distributor on the territory of Kazakhstan. Alfatrust Website
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