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Showering effectiveness for human hair decontamination of the nerve agent VX

Denis Josse, Julien Wartelle and Catherine Cruz compared the action of a simple shower, a shower with detergent in the water or a protocole using the adsorbent Fuller’s Earth or RSDL 30 minutes prior showering.

The nerve agent VX persistently contaminated human hair.
Partial hair decontamination of VX was achieved following 1-min showering.
Using Fuller’s Earth or RSDL prior to showering enhanced hair decontamination.

In this work, our goals were to establish whether hair decontamination by showering one hour post-exposure to the highly toxic organophosphate nerve agent VX was effective, whether it required the addition of a detergent to water and, if it could be improved by using the adsorbent Fuller’s Earth (FE) or the Reactive Skin

Decontamination Lotion (RSDL) 30 min prior to showering. Hair exposure to VX and decontamination was performed by using an in vitro model. Hair showering led to 72% reduction of contamination.
Addition of detergent to water slightly increased the decontamination effectiveness. Hair treatment with FE or RSDL improved the decontamination rate. Combination of FE use and showering, which yielded a decontamination factor of 41, was demonstrated to be the most effective hair decontamination procedure.
Hair wiping after showering was shown to contribute to hair decontamination.

Altogether, our results highlighted the importance of considering hair decontamination as an important part of body surface decontamination protocols.

Showering effectiveness for human hair decontamination of the nerve agent VXRetour ligne automatique
Denis Josse, Julien Wartelle, Catherine CruzaRetour ligne automatique
Chemico-Biological InteractionsRetour ligne automatique
Volume 232, 5 May 2015, Pages 94–100


Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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