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Research & Development

To offer its customers constant innovations, OUVRY (...)

Research & Development technologies

To offer its customers constant innovations, OUVRY invests in different research programs. The company takes part into several European R&D projects about CBRN issues

- JIP-FP - Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection

First "Protection Force" big program of the European Defence Agency. OUVRY won the EPIDARM project.

On the left, Ludovic Ouvry, OUVRY’s president.

- Nano MOF - Nanoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks for production

New materials project for application in the CBRN field - 7th R&D frame project


Self-decontaminating multispectral materials working with natural light/sunlight or articial light UV-A.

The aim of SELDEC is to develop new materials for the intervention suit of operators working in chemical and terrorist theaters of operations. SELDEC is based on a special concept: functionalized textiles with photocatalytic materials and a self-decontaminating capability under natural light/ sunlight and/or artificial UV-A

Research effort focus on the functionalisation of the surface brought by a modified titanium dioxide nanoparticles deposit which can be activated under natural light/ sunlight. Photocatalysm destroys chemical and biological agents.

Projet initiated by the Research National Agency for the CSOSG 2009 program

Partners :

  • OUVRY SAS (integrator and coordinator)
  • LPMT (Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique Textiles, Mulhouse)
  • LMSPC (Laboratoire des Matériaux, Surfaces et Procédés pour la Catalyse, Strasbourg)
  • SDIS 91 (Essonne departmental fire service )

Intellectual property

-  Patents

- Licences

Best references for CBRN protective systems

SARATOGA® is the most trusted family of adsoptive compounds dedicated for CBRN protection in the world, and has more than 150 filter material references.

Thanks to extremely high performance spherical carbon and air permeable textiles combinations, the individual protective systems based on SARATOGA® guarantee:

  • The best protection
  • The maximal durability
  • The highest comfort

OUVRY has an exclusive licence for using SARATOGA® filtering technology. Our company develops ergonomic and physiologically tolerant equipments which able an easy, quick and efficient use. Our equipments have an extended life expectancy which reduces risky and expensive personal turnovers.

Ouvry has a large portfolio of technologic licences featuring fire retarding properties and trauma protection.

- Trademark
Polycombi ® became in few months the ultimate reference in personal protective equipments field for first-responders.


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