"They protect us, we protect them."

Combat Suit

Air permeable combat suit grants a 24h protection against CBRN agents in aerosol, liquid and vapor forms. The suit is NATO compliant

It is made of a fire retardant outershell and a filter fabric based on activated carbon, which absorbs all chemical vapour agents.
Fabrics and ergonomic design allow to wear the suit in place of usual combat suit or intervention suit in case of CBRN alert.


Filter fabric SARATOGA® based on activated carbon.
Outershell : flame retardant treated, water & oil repellent.
Colour : dark blue, black, beige, coyote, camouflage on demand.

A jacket with an integrated hood and a pair of trousers.
Reinforce pockets on knees and elbows to introduce ballistic or shockproof inserts.
Removable braces.
2 inner belts to adjust the jacket.

Technical characteristics

Mechanical features
Tear strength ISO 13 937-2
- Warp ≥ 5,5 daN
- Weft ≥ 5,5 daN

Tensile strenght ISO 13 934-1
- Warp ≥ 90 daN
- Weft ≥ 90 daN

Water-vapour resistance (ISO 11092) < 7,5 m².Pa/ W

Flame protection
Flame limited progression ISO 15025 – A Methode
- After flame time < 2 seconds
- After glowing time < 2 seconds

Chemical protection
In contaminated atmosphere SANATEX Test, HD, 10g/m² > 24 hours

Additional information

10 years shelf guarantee in its original bag
Properties conservation after opening the bag : 120 days
Wear time after opening the bag : 120 days

Reusable for instruction purposes (if not contaminated).

This equipment can be completed with CBRN gloves, socks, boots/overboots a mask and a filter canister.

To be destroyed after contamination

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Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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