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New emergency decontamination mitt:
DEC’POL® is an emergency decontamination mitt composed of a superabsorbent material, into which we inserted specific catalyzers against chemical and biological toxic. DEC’POL® mitt can absorb a wide spectrum of contaminants and subsequently destroys the contaminated agents.
It is non-pulverulent and consequently prevents re-aerosolization risks.
It can be used on all types of surfaces, equipment and non-injured skins. The decontaminable surface of a DEC’POL® mitt is 9m².
DEC’POL® is a simple, rapid and effective solution in case of chemical or biological contamination, and prevents cross contamination.

  • Capillarity absorption:
    Rapid transfer of the contaminants inside the microfibers. The contaminants will then spread throughout the thickness of the superabsorbent material, allowing optimal contact with the catalyzers present in the material.

  • Destruction of the chemical and biological contaminants
    Catalyzers are evenly distributed throughout the thickness of the superabsorbent material. They will allow decontamination of the chemical agents and disinfection of the biological agents.The degradation byproducts are not toxic.

  • No re-aerosolization :
    Its physical design optimizes efficiency and prevents any toxic release. DEC’POL® prevents cross contamination risks by limiting the release of powder as well as the inhalation of powder which may contain toxic substances.
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Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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