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Polyvalent device for emergency decontamination :
DEC’POL ® mitt: superabsorbent material with active agents synergy.

  • Transfer and destruction of chemical and biological contaminants
  • Reduction of re-aerosolization and cross contamination risks
  • For immediate and emergency decontamination of surfaces, equipments and skin.
    The DEC’POL ® mitt is intended for dual use: Defense, First-Responders and Industry.
    DEC’POL ® is a simple, rapid and effective solution in case of chemical and biological contamination, which avoids cross-contamination.


  1. Instructions for use:
  2. Identify area of contamination
  3. Open the package by the tear notch
  4. Put on DEC’POL ® mitt
  5. Decontaminate the entire area according to the protocol described in the user’s guide
    After use, follow procedure for contaminated waste disposal

Technical data

Material’s absorption capacity : 600 % NF T 90-361
Absorbed volume for 1 mitt : 140 mL NF T 90-361
Surface treatment ability : 9 m²
Surface decontamination factor by transfer : > 99 % of the toxic deposited on the surface

Destruction of CWA G, V, H, and absorbed TIC’S : > 90% within 3h according to PR NFX 52-123 and BPL-OCDE-1998 on VX simulant (paraoxon)
Biological decontamination factor

  • 7 log de E.coli in 1h
  • 3 log de S.aureus in 3h

Additionnal information
Storage time in its original bag : 5 years
Mass : 60 g
Compact Packaging
Packaged in cartons of 20

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Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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