"They protect us, we protect them."

CBRN/ CBRNe filtering concepts

OUVRY specially selected and developed some filtering (...)

OUVRY: Exclusive licensee of SARATOGA® filtering technology

OUVRY specially selected and developed some filtering materials of SARATOGA® family for its products, particularly for the Polycombi and the TFI suit.
SARATOGA® is the most trusted family of adsorptive compounds dedicated for CBRN protection in the world (currently used in more than 40 countries) and has more than 150 filter material references.

Thanks to its extremely high performance spherical carbon and air permeable textiles combinations, the individual protective systems based on SARATOGA® guarantee:

- The best protection
- The maximal durability
- The highest comfort

Protection NRBC
Concept filtrant de protection NRBC

The two main concepts of CBRNe personal protection

Concept de protection NRBC

Concept de protection NRBC

Unlike IMPERMEABLE technologies which are completely airtight, CBRNe FILTERING technologies quickly wick sweat away and trap warfare agents into its filtering layers.

OUVRY is specialized in CBRN/ CBRNe filtering concepts and offers a large range of filtering personal protective equipments adapted to the risks and the environments of its customers missions.


Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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