"They protect us, we protect them."

Armed forces - Undergarnment

Specialists : pilots, bomb disposal experts

A concept for armed forces personnel looking for a 24h CBRN vapor protection

CBRN undergarnment was designed to grant comfort and be worn under regular clothes or business suits or CBRN suits for an additional protection against vapor threats.
Perfect Interface management with body sub-systems was certified by several whole system tests.

Recently OUVRY developed an innovative solution to protect French fighter pilots for the DGA ( French Army general direction) . The system integrates an oxygen respiratory protection and an eye protection with a demisting device . Compliance with aeronautical criteria, as well as CBRN and ergonomic requirements was validated by tests and experimentations in 2013 and 2014 which resulted in flight tests on the M2000 and the Rafale


Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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