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OUVRY is a Company, based in Lyon - France, which specialises in the study, research, development and manufacturing of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) personal protective equipment (PPE) and related concepts.

OUVRY can offer concepts across the full spectrum of CBRN protection: ranging from impermeable solutions (utilising impermeable or semi-permeable barrier materials and technologies) through to wholly air permeable solutions (utilising textile based activated carbon filtration media and technologies). We are particularly expert in the field of air permeable solutions. These solutions allow air exchange and water vapour transfer, thus allowing sweat evaporation and evacuation. They consequently drastically increase the operational capability of the end users without limitations of impermeable concepts and avoid heat stress problems.

Our engineering team is exceptionally well qualified and highly experienced in the fields of textiles, materials selection, CBRN threat spectrum, chemistry, and physiological factors. We are extremely conversant with the operational needs of our customers and all CBRN PPE Users generally. This deep knowledge based and hands-on background enables us to propose innovative solutions which benefit fully from the results of our extensive ongoing R&D activities. We develop our own protective systems design for military, law enforcement, civil defence and First Responder (fire-fighter, ambulance etc) customers. We guarantee not only the effectiveness of each system component but also whole system effectiveness.

We can provide the best solutions to any request, drawing upon our excellent response capability (high production capacities, industrial risks management, etc) all stemming from our industrial partnerships network and a unique licence for SARATOGA® filtering materials. OUVRY controls the entire supply chain: feasibility, development, manufacturing, quality control, logistic and after-sales service.

OUVRY is a member of :

Références CBRNe :

Tenues de protection NRBC

- French Civil Defence - CBRN equipments.

- French FELIN Program (Fantassin à Equipement et Liaisons Intégrées) - 33 000 CBRN subsystems for the French MoD.

- DGA (General Delegation for the Armament) - R&T contracts.

- French Gendarmerie - CBRN equipments.

- French Health Minister.

- DGA Maîtrise NRBC (former Centre d’Etude du Bouchet)

- EDA (European Defence Agency) - Research & Technology (R&T) contract EOD-CBRN dual systems.

- French Fire fighters (Services Départementaux d’Incendie et de Secours (SDIS)) - CBRN systems.

- Hospital and mergency units (SAMU, CHU, SMUR): CBRN POLYCOMBI ® set.

- OPCW : Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons


Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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