"They protect us, we protect them."

CBRN Socks

Air permeable CBRN socks grant a 24h protection against all chemical warfare agents in contaminated atmospheres

They are manufactured with SARATOGA® filter fabric, which offers an optimal fit and comfort. Socks can be worn with intervention shoes under regular socks or in place of it. They offer an excellent mobility and an optimum comfort to the user.

SARATOGA® Filter fabric based on activated carbon.
Special seams to avoid irritation and blisters.
Ribbing for optimal fit without excessive pressure on the calf.
Colour: black.

Technical characteristics :
Mechanical features :
Dimensional stability (ISO 25077) < 8 %
Bursting pressure (ISO 13938-2) > 130 kPa

Confort :
Air permeability (ISO 9237 (100 Pa)) > 500 l/s.m²
Water-vapour resistance (Ret) (EN 31092) < 5,5 m² Pa/W

Chemical protection :
In contaminated atmosphere (HD Vapor test 20 mg/m3, 0. 17 cm/s) < 200 mg.min/m3
*Tested in accredited and recognized CBRN laboratories

Additional information :
Total weight (of a pair - all sizes ) < 200 g

10 years shelf life guarantee in its original bag
Preservation of protection properties after opening its bag: 120 jours
Wear time (after opening the bag): 45 days
Lauderable up to 10 times : Washing machine 40°C (ISO 6330 – Drying method C)

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Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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