"They protect us, we protect them."

Polycombi® CBRN Protective Suit

Based on a permeable technology incorporating activated carbon spheres,
it is very light and ergonomic and complies with the Directive
89/686/EEC relating to personal protective equipment category III.

It protects against chemical warfare agents – CWA (HD, GD...) in liquid,
vapour and aerosol form (NATO AEP 38), against radioactive particles in air
suspension (EN 1073-2), against biological agents (EN 14126) and ensure a chemical protection type 4 & 5 (EN 14605 +A1 & EN 13982-1 +A1) for 12 hours in a contaminated area, even after rain (wet coverall).


1. New SARATOGA® filter material, very light - oil & water repellent
treated outershell.
2. Integrated hood adapted to several mask types.
3. Ergonomic design with front zipper, fast to don.
4. Double layer at hands and feet for an optimized interface management.
5. Thumbs elastic loop at the end of each cuff.
6. Adjustable waist cord for better fitting.
7. Elastic sealing at the hood for an optimized interface with mask.
8. Integrated booties.

Technical Characteristics

Air permeability ISO-9237 (100 Pa) > 5 l/s.m²
Water vapor resistance ISO 11092 < 8 m².Pa/W
Wieght (Size L) < 1,5 kg

Chemical protection
CWA liquid protection SANATEX test – HD –10 g/m² > 12 h
CWA vapour protection Vapour test – HD – 20 mg/m3 – 5 m/s > 12h

Additional information

10 years shelf life guarantee in its original bag.
Out of bag life duration 1 year
Wear time (after opening the bag) 100 hours
Washability: 40°C – Dry at 60°C 3 washing cycles
Re-usable as a training suit (only if not contaminated)

This equipment can be completed with CBRN gloves, overboots a mask and a filter canister

To be destroyed after contamination

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Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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