"They protect us, we protect them."

TFI® CBRN Intervention Coverall

The Air permeable intervention coverall grants a 24h protection against CBRN agents in aerosol, liquid and vapor forms. The coverall is NATO compliant

The coverall is made of flame retardant, water & oil repellent treated outer shell, and a SARATOGA ® filter fabric based on activated carbon, which improves the physiological tolerance of the user.

CBRN coverall can be worn instead of or on top of a regular uniform


Filter fabric SARATOGA® based on activated carbon.
Outershell : flame retardant treated, water & oil repellent.
Colour : dark blue, black, beige, coyote, camouflage on demand.

A jacket with an integrated hood and a pair of trousers.
Reinforce pockets on knees and elbows to introduce ballistic or shockproof inserts.
Removable braces.
2 inner belts to adjust the jacket.

Technical data

Mechanical features

Tear strength ISO 13 937-2
Filter fabric ≥ 30 N
Outershell ≥ 50 N

Tensile strength ISO 13 934-1
Filter fabric ≥ 600 N
Outershell ≥ 900 N

Water-vapour resistance (ISO 11092) < 7,5 m².Pa/ W

Flame protection
Flame limited protection ISO 15025 – A method
- After flame time < 2 seconds
- After glowing time < 2 seconds

Chemical protection
In contaminated atmosphere - Liquid HD liquid test - 10 g/m² > 24 hours
In contaminated atmosphere - Vapor HD vapor test - 11mg/m3 - 5m/s > 24 hours

Additional information

10 years shelf life guarantee in its original bag
Preservation of protection properties after opening the bag 1 year, 10 utilizations.

Reusable for instruction purposes (if not contaminated)

This equipment can be completed with CBRN gloves, socks, boots/overboots a mask and a filter canister.

To be destroyed after contamination

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Nov. 2017
Paris-Nord Villepinte


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